About Morgan.M

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Exquisite leather bags and accessories made from 100% cow hide leather.

Morgan.M is a brand inspired by native England – Moors, Highlands and Victorian architecture fused with the latest fashion trends from modern day London. Every product in the Morgan.M collection is made from authentic cow hide that is sourced from the finest tanneries across the world. The hide is then crafted into elegant bags and accessories using latest tanning processes that bring out the best in the leather.

At Morgan M, upmost importance is given to the producing sleek and discreet bags that are both practical and classy. The Morgan M collection is designed for both business and casual use so buyers are not limited to where and how they use their Morgan M bag.

Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for regular updates, product news and competitions or to simply share your photos with us.

If you wish to get in contact with us you can do this via either of the below social media links or our contact page here.

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